When I learned that not everyone has Central Heating plus Cooling

I am a spoiled lady. As I went through life, I never gave much thought to the fact that I have always had great central heating plus cooling systems in the sites where I have lived plus worked. Well, way back in the afternoon when I was just a kid, we didn’t necessarily have that, but ever since air conditioner in homes became commonplace I have always had it. About five Or so years ago, I decided to go on getaway plus rent one of those sites you can run online for your getaway. I actually went farther south than I already live, south of the border, actually. I rented an entire house, a small one, that had what I consider luxury items. They had a pool in the backyard. They had all this amazing cement in the living room plus washrooms. They had ceiling fans. It never occurred to me that they would not have air conditioner, but when I arrived, I discovered that the entire living area of the house had no air conditioner plus no heating. Fortunately for me, they did have a little mini split AC component in the home office. if it hadn’t been for that little mini split ac, I would have been irritated the entire time I was there. That was when I learned that not every place you go for getaway has Central Heating plus cooling. Whenever I go on getaway again, especially if I use that online service, I always check under the amenities part to make sure they have air conditioner if I’m going in the summer time or heating if I’m going in the winter.
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