Working hard to replace my HVAC unit

Central heating and air conditioning systems these days are very expensive.

And I have been needing a new heating and cooling unit for several months now.

I am really playing with fire having this quickly dying old central heating and air conditioning system as the only source of heat as well as air conditioning in my home. However I am taking steps to be able to get that brand new and completely up to date central heating and air conditioning system for my home. I am working a whole ton of overtime at my job to do this. I am working weekends sometimes and always working an extra few hours a day by going in early. It really has been taking its toll on me to be completely and truthfully honest with you all. However it is much needed and well worth it because I am not only a few hundred bucks or so away from being able to put a down payment on a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit so I can get on the local heat and a/c company’s HVAC payment plan! After the down payment is made you can pay in monthly installments over a number of years. And this is exactly what I am going to do as soon as I have the extra few hundred bucks I need to make the down payment price and be able to quit doing all this overtime at my job! I should only be stuck another week doing this and then i will be all set and able to go back to work as per normal!


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