Cooling down the throat with frigid gel

I am trying some frigid pain relieving gel on my throat because it has been kind of sore on the outside from too much singing.

I also hope that a few afternoons off from singing and this frigid gel get my throat back to normal again soon.

Okay, I just put a bunch of frigid gel on my shoulders, knees, and lower back too to try and stop the pain. Heck, I need to just soak in a bathtub of the stuff and cool down my whole body as it seems like everything is in pain this afternoon. Cooling down last night with a swim in the sea after playing, like the other heating, ventilation, and A/C techs did, would have been a fantastic idea because it would have helped a lot with the pain. But it started to rain last night and I took cover under an important cypress tree instead of going into the frigid sea. So now, cooling down the joints with the frigid gel will be my task for the afternoon, along with cleaning my HEPA filter at some point. I am just trying to get a important chunk of my workday out of the way before I head out and go into the frigid sea. But the sea has been heating up the past few months and is not working so well anymore at cooling down my joints like it used to do back in January of this year. I will still definitely go in it though because the salt water is fantastic for soothing aching muscles and joints like mine.