Health and temperature control friends

I am going to try and get in better shape this summer, doing my workout routine more and with more intensity to try and shed some of this blubber around my waist. I have been in good shape for a 56 year old, but I know I could be in better shape with just a little more effort. I need to cut back on the cheeseburgers, which I eat maybe once a week, and do more cardio and weight lifting. This new supplier who works in town at the heating and cooling corp told me that she would like to work out with me this summer time and get in better shape so she can lift the heating and cooling device easier. She also wants to start doing yoga because her lower back has been hurting him from all of the heavy lifting. I hurt mine too a few weeks ago lifting this heavy oil heater when we were removing it from a flat on the fourth floor with no elevator. I’ve had issues with my back before and yoga seemed to entirely help ease the pain and get me more bendy so I don’t keep hurting it. I had to lift a heavy mini split a/c system once and hurt my back so badly that I couldn’t work for the heating and cooling corporation for two months. I don’t want to go through that again so I have been doing yoga every single day and plan on keeping it up for good. My cooling professional neighbor joins me each day and we do yoga in my temperature controlled yoga studio.

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