HVAC upgrade made all the difference indeed

And man, did that ever really put this house over the top

It took me a long time to feel at all comfortable with the idea of selling the family home. This wasn’t something that I wanted to do at all. And it was mostly all emotional, I’ll admit that. My husband was really great about the whole thing. He didn’t push or badger me about selling our house. Still, there nights when we talked about the next phase of our lives while the air conditioning kept me comfortable. That was the thing, I was just so comfortable in that house. We’d raised our children there. The HVAC equipment had been providing great quality heating and air. And life was great. I loved that house. Yet, my husband was right. Once the kids were out of the house, it was going to become quite a chore to deal with. Just the heating and cooling costs alone were stupid for just two people to be dealing with. So when it was time to replace the heating and cooling equipment, my husband thought it might be a great time to sell. This was also right at the peak of the recent real estate bubble. So we updated the HVAC equipment with the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology. And man, did that ever really put this house over the top. I couldn’t believe what the house was listing for. And I was further in shock over the fact that the house ended up selling for the asking price. I swear that new residential HVAC played a big part in that as well.


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