Is it time to update my Heating plus A/C unit?

Over the last various months, I have noticed that my energy bill has been steadily changing… Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue except, I have not been consuming too much energy, then first, I live alone, plus I don’t have any unnecessary appliances or devices running in my home.

I also keep my Heating plus A/C unit set to 68 degrees during the day as this is the ideal temperature for the Summer that is suggested by the Department of Energy, however during the night, I lower that temperature to 68 degrees to ensure a comfortable night of sleep.

I have been doing this for years plus never noticed a spike in my energy bill. So, I am wondering if my Heating plus A/C unit is consuming more energy than it did before, and the unit is about 17 years old, plus although it cools my apartment with no troubles, I am wondering if it’s toiling harder than normal to keep up with the cooling. I got the Heating plus A/C unit took care of a few months ago, plus the specialist did mention that I should consider replacing the unit soon. Typically, the type of Heating plus A/C unit that I have has a lifespan of between 10 to 25 years, then good repair can keep the unit running, but of course weather is a factor as well. And lately, the weather has been warmer than usual, which means the a/c is cycling on more frequently. This means there is much more wear plus tear on the system that is already old. The wonderful news is, I haven’t had any major troubles or malfunctions with the Heating plus A/C unit, the signs are starting to become clear that I need to update it soon.

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