Life and cooling the flat down

I know my bad flatmate got into a fight with his newfound adore last night.

She was supposed to stay at his property last night and tonight, but after this fight I’m not sure he will even talk to him anymore.

Let’s just see if they patch it up and he stays there tonight, or if they are done and he stays here tonight. She has been staying there like four mornings a week lately, which was nice because it provided me more space alone here, despite the fact that he is a cool flatmate and my buddy and I get along fantastic while she’s here. Cooling down a relationship with another fight, especially a modern one like he is in, can be disastrous as I found out when my heating, ventilation, and A/C rep amazing husband and I got into a tiff about our cooling system. When the relationship is modern like that, one important fight can be a death sentence if you don’t have fantastic fight resolving skills. I believe that my buddy and I will see what my heating tech flatmate has as far as resolving skills and if he and he can work it out, which I hope they can for the sake of love. I also know that when a modern relationship is heating up it can absolutely draw out the emotions and make you crazy, which is honestly why I have been alone the past year and a half. My rock n roll career has been heating up for a while now and it is because I am focusing my energy on it and not on dating modern people. I wish him success and the best.


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