Life and geothermal heat pump installs

I know that the nomadic life is not for all, especially those people who have a family.

Some people just want the security of a nice household and a steady job, but for me that is a death sentence into monotony and boredom.

The real disadvantage to my type of lifestyle can be loneliness and fear, as you can be on your own for chunks of time and not sure what direction you are heading in. I have a fun life, but it can also be lonely when you are on your own with no amazing husband or youngsters. The heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier where I work is fantastic for me because it is pretty steady work, and I like doing geothermal heat pump installations for people in their homes and talking with them. Anyway, I am pretty darn sore after playing multiple games of ball last night, which I did instead of singing because my throat was hurting. My buddy and I sang beside this local supplier a few afternoons ago and I strained my vocal cords from singing too loudly, so now I am resting it and just doing some duct cleaning jobs on my own. I just won’t talk for a few afternoons and rest my throat so that my buddy and I can sing again later this week for this local supplier who is having a celebration. I know a few afternoons off from singing will be fantastic for me because I will crave singing and having fun again with the band. My buddy and I both work as heating, ventilation, and A/C techs and are planning on making rock n roll the main supplier soon.

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