Make sure the HVAC is on the chore list

I wasn’t so great making the transition from renter to homeowner.

But I guess there is a learning curve to everything.

The number of responsibilities that I had when it came to where I lived, multiplied a bunch. Yet, I didn’t really adjust my lifestyle either. Perhaps if I was married and not a bachelor, all of this would be a moot point. For sure, had I been married, it wouldn’t have taken this long to own my own HVAC equipment. But saving up for a downpayment solo isn’t easy. This is why I’m 35 and getting into my first place. The fact that this house had a lot of work needed may also be the reason why I just wasn’t on top of my game when it came to household chores. The HVAC unit had to be replaced as soon as I bought the place. And then, I had other stuff that I had to do like painting and projects like that. But one day, I drove up from work and sort of was embarrassed by the state of my home. It didn’t get any better when I walked inside either. This was the wake up call I needed. I spent that entire weekend getting things in order. There was plenty of yardwork to do and lots of organizing to do inside as well. The effort I put into getting things squared away made me realize that I needed a schedule. Part of that schedule would also include the HVAC chores. Changing the air filter each month is essential to the HVAC unit running at its most efficient. And a dirty air filter just forces the HVAC equipment to work harder. So, I’m on schedule now.


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