My little supplier is heating up

I’m watching my stock this week and it looks like it is getting ready for another leg up.

This will be an interesting week for this rollercoaster ride I have been on for the past year.

I know the very thing is going to go from the 34 cent mark where it is now to the 50 cent mark by the end of the week, and from there they say it is going to absolutely run up to the dollar mark again before settling a bit. I need it to hit the $5 mark or so and then my buddy and I buy my heating, ventilation, and A/C system which my flat so badly needs. I know my buddy and I will see it hit that $5 mark by the end of 2023, which means in six months I will have reacquired all of the heating, ventilation, and A/C tech savings that I lost last year. I have also learned a lot from the past few years when it comes to investing and patience has proven to be the answer most of the time. My cooling expert neighbor told me this a year ago when I thought I knew it all, but I had to lose to learn and now this heating, ventilation, and A/C rep knows a bit more than before. I know that this will be one of the best stories of my life if I can pull off making back that lost cash. My local supplier neighbor told me that once this thing hits a dollar and stays above it the stock will run to $10 in no time, but I will sell when he finally hits $5 or so.