Ready for my temperature control unit

It is officially summer time now as I am perspiring in my flat at 11 in the morning.

It was nice and cool in this town two months ago but that is not the case anymore.

The good thing is though that the sea is still cool and nice to jump into when feeling hot on the beach. I was going to play rock n roll last night with my bandmate even though she wasn’t in the mood to play so I opted for some volleyball instead. This afternoon my knees are a bit sore but I am feeling good besides that. My temperature control system is cooling down the flat and I am going to run the a/c all day to keep me comfy in here because it just gets way too hot now without it. I have a pretty efficient system in this flat and running it during the day doesn’t cost me that much. My sister may come here for an heating and cooling technology meeting at the local corporation and I am going to run the air conditioner while she is here to keep her comfortable because she doesn’t like the heat. I have to decide if I am going to meet her in another country before she comes here because she wants me to meet there. I guess I need to check on the hotel and make sure they have temperature control because sleeping without a/c is not going to work for me. I like it nice and cool in my room at night when I sleep so let me see.