Replacing the HVAC equipment was a pretty easy process

What a relief that was

I hate it when I have too much on my plate. This is something that I strive not to do but there are times where it’s simply impossible to avoid. I’m a single mom who works full time inside the zone controlled HVAC of a big office building. My job is stressful and requires both a lot of time and energy to do well. But I’m thankful to have this job and it pays really well too. Thankfully, my kids are really great when it comes to helping out. They know how to do laundry and the household stuff. They’re even getting to the point where they like to be in the kitchen with me to learn something about cooking. Still, it’s on me to be the adult and at times, I dread it when something big pops up. That’s how I felt when the HVAC technician told me the HVAC unit was about to die. Like I needed that on my plate. But I took his suggestion and made an appointment with the HVAC contractor. That was the ticket right there. That HVAC professionals could see that I was just out of my element and not excited about dealing with yet another concern. He asked me some questions about my heating and cooling preferences and needs. From there, we chose the right residential HVAC for us and that was basically it. The HVAC contractor literally took care of everything else! He came out to do the inspection and then ran the whole HVAC installation without me having to lift a finger or even be home. What a relief that was. And the new HVAC equipment is providing the best quality heating and air I’ve ever experienced.



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