Saving the corporation meant hitting the road & lots of air conditioners

Seems like I honestly couldn’t have ended up with worse time when it came to going out on my own.

I’d spent a dozen years inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of the corporate offices before I started my own thing.

And I spent plenty of time preparing to be out on my own. But how do you prepare for a pandemic? The answer is you don’t because you can’t. I had left the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of the office where I worked in the late summer time of 2019. Having an office inside the central air conditioner of my house seemed only logical. It was just me & two other people I had hired. And their tasks could also be done from the heating & cooling of their homes, at least initially. Much of my responsibilities require me to be onsite with the customer. So if I wasn’t working from home, I was on a plane or with the buyer somewhere else. My support staff was doing the other stuff while I was away providing the services that our fledgling supplier gave. But when the pandemic came, my fantastic friend and I had to scramble. The first thing I realized was that I needed to pack up my car, max out the air conditioner & hit the road. Flying was out. So getting to the shoppers meant that I needed to be out on the road. And I was out on the road the entire summer time of 2020. But I did find that I could always rely on the mid tier hotels along the highway to supply the most consistent Heating & Air Conditioning cooling. That was a great bonus as those hotels honestly fit my budget as well.
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