So proud of the outdated Heating and A/C unit

It took 26 years for that outdated heat pump to supply out.

And man, it made it all the way to the end in great form. My buddy and I bought this house almost 15 years ago. This was one of those situations that my pal and I simply couldn’t pass up. My buddy and I have a realtor friend who got this house listing plus the seller had to go plus go quick. My buddy and I were lucky to be able to get into this house plus the apartment for such a bargain. But part of that deal was that my pal and I would take the house as it was. There were no residential Heating and A/C replaces or a modern roof or anything. In fact, my pal and I had to have a company come in plus clean the house top to bottom before my pal and I moved in. So my pal and I inherited what would turn out to be just champion quality heating plus cooling equipment. This region is lucky to be situated just southern enough that my pal and I don’t need a gas furnace for Winter. The heat pump takes care of all our heating plus cooling needs. When my pal and I moved in, my pal and I called the Heating and A/C company that my pal and I had used before. They are local Heating and A/C professionals who have a stellar reputation in this town. So they started with Heating and A/C maintenance in the Spring plus Fall immediately. My buddy and I never missed an Heating and A/C maintenance appointment in all those years. Of course, it didn’t hurt when they started the Heating and A/C repair plan so my pal and I didn’t have to do the remembering. That heat pump never had a single second of trouble until last Summer when it just couldn’t meet demand separate from running almost continuously in November. But man, 26 Winters plus Summers is easily getting it done.

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