The emergency electrician wasn't on a budget

My fiance plus I were having some trouble in the house, and neither one of us knew how to maintenance the issue, but my associate and I knew it was something that needed to be repaired! The light switch in the kitchen kept turning on plus off on its own! Even when the light switch was in the off position, the light was still coming on! I knew that the wiring inside of the dwelling was as old as the building plus that made me feel unsafe. I contacted an electrician that specializes in repairs, upgrades, plus maintenance. The electrical contractor was licensed, insured, plus bonded. The contractor performed a diagnostic troubleshooting maintenance to determine why the problem was occurring. The guy troubleshooted all of the concerns plus safely fixed the issue before leaving. The guy also offered us a 6-month warranty that the component will function safely plus efficiently. If my associate and I have any complications at all with the same outlet, my associate and I can call for free troubleshooting… Since my associate and I had same afternoon call service, the electrical contractor charged us the same afternoon emergency rates. The emergency electrician wasn’t cheap. It was about $450 to get the concerns fixed. I had to write a check plus post the date for pay afternoon. I was thankful the contractor allowed me to do that, because otherwise, I would have needed to go to the shop plus get a payday loan. My fiance hates when my associate and I have to get a payday loan; Unluckyly, my associate and I couldn’t sit around plus do nothing about the obvious wiring problem. It could have caused a fire.
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