We had 2 window a/cs in our 2 bedroom dwelling

Sometimes when life slows down, I kneel back and relax and feel about everything.

This happened a lot especially when my associate and I were in quarantine.

Mostly, I thought about my childhood and what life was like back then. As a kid, I grew up in a normal dwelling with 2 working parents. My pal and I weren’t rich by any means, however my associate and I did have certain luxuries that some of my other friends didn’t have; One of which was that my associate and I had 2 window a/c units inside our 2-bedroom apartment. At the time, window a/cs were a luxury item. In fact, having any form of a/c was a big deal. Pretty much all of the buildings in my neighborhood were built before residential central a/c became a widely used system. So, various homes used fans during the warmer months, and for the houses with a/cs, my associate and I turned them on only during the nighttime hours. I can remember the window a/c that my associate and I had, and they were second-hand units that my Mom received from the business that he worked for. They weren’t the best a/cs, however they kept us cool during those hot Summer afternoons. I can recall how noisy the a/cs were and if my associate and I used them for too long, they would end up cold up. Perhaps that was normal for the technology at the time, I can’t be sure, but either way, currently, I live in a nice dwelling with central a/c, and I am grateful that I had those experiences as a child because they make me care about the luxuries that I savor as an adult.

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