When it comes to versatility, the heat pump rules

I still find it so amazing that all I have to do to be comfortable is switch the control component and send the heat pump process in the other direction.

During the Summer, the heat pump is taking the heat energy out of the home and bad it so cooler air can take it’s place.

In the Winter, the process is reversed and the heat pump captures heat energy from outside and brings it in the home for warmth. I mean, does it get any easier than that? Of course, there is plenty of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance in there as well. I constantly make sure that I get heating maintenance in the Fall. And there is no way I go into Summer separate from the air conditioning tune up. That’s just a no brainer. While our Summer Heating, Ventilation, and A/C needs may outpace our heating needs in the Winter, it sure is nice to have such a adjustable machine, then heating and cooling my home comes from one source. For sure, my associate and I don’t have the sort of winter weather where a gas furnace is something that has to be in use. But my associate and I really get our unbiased share of cold weather as far as we’re worried. And my associate and I have never had a minute when the heat pump wasn’t providing cozy warmth in the winter months. Still, separate from the heat pump in the Summer, it would be agitated in our home. My associate and I keep the control component relatively high in order to save on cooling costs. But it’s the humidity control of the air conditioning process that also makes such a big difference in our comfort. The heat pump is just a one stop shop for heating and cooling.
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