White teeth and cold air con

I’ve been working on getting my teeth whiter using those whitening strips, and I must say that after just three treatments they are a lot whiter already.

I guess I have 14 strips but I may only use about seven of them so that I have another treatment leftover to do in six more months when they need some touching up.

I haven’t bleached them in a long time and my teeth were starting to get pretty darn stained from all of the root carona I drank over the years. I only drink a cup a day, which the local corporation makes so perfectly, but that is enough to stain my teeth. My heating and cooling specialist friend told me about these white strips after I asked her how she got her teeth so white one day while working at the cooling corp. I am also going to get this missing tooth fixed with a cheap temporary tooth until I can afford to get an implant. The local corporation near me does a good job with things like this and they were recommended by my cooling rep neighbor a few years ago when she got some teeth fixed! They have a nice office, which is temperature controlled to make you feel more comfy while they drill holes in your teeth. I’ve gone without novocaine a few times now when I got my teeth drilled and it is no picnic but I can’t stand the feeling of the novocaine in my gums. At least the cooling system keeps my body comfy while I am in pain with my mouth.



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