AC stopped functioning mid-shift

One of the worst things that can happen to someone working in a pizzeria is for the A/C to stop working in the middle of a shift.

I remember when I worked in a pizzeria it was always so overheated no matter what time of year, then whenever I work in a pizzeria I always hope that I was in a certain part because the air vents were all located in one part of the pizzeria.

I’ve never experienced anything worse than working in a pizzeria without AC! One time when I was working, I observed that the air in the pizzeria was easily hot. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have time. One of the clients complained about the overheated air coming out of the vent above their table. I was not sure if it was just because the A/C was turned off or if the A/C was entirely broken and her. Turned out that the A/C was entirely broken and I did not tell anyone for a few hours. In the time that passed before I was able to tell someone about the broken A/C there were a few complaints from tables, and my table in particular was so frustrated about the a/c Not working in the pizzeria that they didn’t tip me. All in all, working in a pizzeria without A/C is one of the worst experiences ever. I would not request working in a pizzeria that doesn’t have typical heating and cooling.



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