AC stopped working after a bit

One of the worst things that can happen to someone laboring in a restaurant is for the AC to stop laboring in the middle of a shift. I remember when I worked in a restaurant it was always so warm no matter what time of year, and whenever I work in a restaurant I always hope that I was in a particular section because the air vents were all situated in one part of the restaurant. I’ve never experienced anything worse than laboring in a restaurant without AC, and one time when I was laboring, I noticed that the air in the restaurant was truly hot. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have time. One of the clients complained about the warm air coming out of the vent above their table. I was not sure if it was just because the AC was turned off or if the AC was entirely broken plus her. Turned out that the AC was entirely broken plus I did not tell anyone for a few hours. In the time that passed before I was able to tell someone about the broken AC there were a few complaints from tables; My table in particular was so aggravated about the cooling system Not laboring in the restaurant that they didn’t tip me. All in all, laboring in a restaurant without AC is one of the worst experiences ever. I would not command laboring in a restaurant that doesn’t have proper heating plus cooling.

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