Comparing my students to running an Heating and A/C system in my home

Sometimes I feel as if I work so difficult to please some people.

I work difficult so that others can succeed.

They do not succeed though. They also take whatever help I give them for granted. I am debating on what I should do about this. Should I stop caring? What happens when I stop caring? I know that if I stop caring about my Heating and A/C system, it would entirely shut down. It would never get wash or checked for poor parts; Will my students shut down like my Heating and A/C system? How far do I go to help them? Every month I change the air filter in my Heating and A/C system. I am sure I need to help them more than once a month. I also get a tune up twice per year. Maybe I give my students some kind of academic check twice per year to understand where that are academically for my own records. I do not want my students to end up like an Heating and A/C unit. I do not want them to shut down or split down. If they do I may need to call for extra help in the classroom. If my Heating and A/C system shuts down, I have to call for an Heating and A/C worker to come to my condo to service it. I feel as if it is the same idea. If my students keep running smoothly with academic testing and assessment with careful planned lessons, they will not mentally shut down. This will prevent them from shutting down and they will be able to move on. In the same way, my Heating and A/C system gets tune ups so it can keep running officially to do its task. I do not think that giving up on my students is the right thing to do.
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