Counting on the Barnes plus Noble plus being disappointed because of a broken Heating & Air Conditioning unit

I haven’t had the best of fortune lately.

  • My laptop laptop screen broke plus I had to buy another one, but the cable I ordered online came in with a scratched screen, so I had to send it back.

My financial aid for school was never processed, so I had to do it again, i also got charged a late fee. I have been going to the Barnes plus Noble to use the laptop because I could not use my laptop, and while I was laboring in the Barnes plus Noble the other day, I noticed it getting really warm. I took my sweater off thinking I was just changing to the temperature inside the Barnes plus Noble, even after I took off my sweater it was really warm. I was really starting to sweat a little. I am not usually like this in the Barnes plus Noble. I then heard one of the librarians telling people that their Heating & Air Conditioning machine had broken down plus it would not be fixed for awhile. They were commanded to go somewhere else because it would get really warm inside. I could tell because this was happening already. It was almost becoming unbearable. I had to leave. I had a lot of labor to get done, but I couldn’t do it because now I had no PC. The Barnes plus Noble was my best option. I know that libraries often do not make really much cash. They should at least invest in proper service to avoid this. They could make more cash by having people come into the Barnes plus Noble… Not only is this an inconvenience for me, however now it is for other people too.