Doing work all weekend while trying to stay warm with a broken HVAC system

I spent a lot of time there.

The work week is always so long. I look forward to the weekend. I just want to take the time to relax. I need a chance to breathe and forget the work week I had. I need it to refresh and be ready for the next week. This is not possible when you have work to do over the weekend. Sometimes the work never ends. This is especially true when you are a teacher. I constantly take papers home to grade. This past weekend was not so fun or relaxing. I had a ton to do. I had lesson plans, papers to grade, and report cards to do. Unfortunately, my heat stopped working. Not only was I doing all this work, but I was doing it in the cold. I mean I was freezing. I had a ton of layers on. I thought about going out to buy a space heater. I thought that would keep me a little warm at least. Being a teacher I couldn’t afford to do that. I called for an HVAC technician but they couldn’t make it to my house until Monday. For the weekend, I was about to be miserable. The weekend had only started. I did whatever I could to get out of my house. I went to a warm coffee shop to do all of my work. I spent a lot of time there. I hated that I was kept out of my house because of my HVAC system. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I should want to stay because of the wonderful HVAC system. Of course, that weekend was just what I did not need at all.

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