Getting a modern task plus not being pleased with the temperature in the office

There has been nothing I wanted more than a modern task.

However, there is a saying, be careful what you wish for, and i wish I had not taken my other task for granted. This modern task is not the best for me I have come to find. This modern task actually, is so cold. It is so cold that I could not imagine spending all of my days here… Even the majority of the days I will be spending here as well. I have to make sure that I dress in a lot of layers during the winter season. I also have to wear extra layers during the summer. They even like to crank the a/c during the Summer season. The reason for this is beyond me. I guess that whoever is in charge of the temperature control must be a very warm person to want to be so cold all of the time. I am also not the only person who has a complication with this. Everyone in my section in the building seems to be cold, then at my outdated task, I never had this issue before. I was consistently comfortable plus I could wear whatever I wanted to wear that afternoon. I almost wish I had my outdated task back so that I could be completely comfortable in the office! One afternoon I am going to find the person that is in charge of the temperature control. I will truly convince that person to turn the heat up plus the cooling down for the best season temperature… For now, I will have to deal with what I have been given at my modern task.
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