Going into my condo not expecting to be walking into a sauna

When I feel as if I have too much work to do, I go outside.

I go outside in the shade where I can feel the breeze plus it relaxes me.

It is fantastic to be in an atmosphere where it is rather quiet. It is nice outside as well. It is not too cold plus it is not too warm. It is the perfect temperature for me to lay outside most of the time. One time when I went back inside, it was not so pleasant. I came inside plus my condo was absolutely warm. I was outside for a couple of hours only. The way the condo felt was like it was a sauna. I had to call the HVAC specialists immediately. There was no way I was going to figure out how to repair this HVAC concern on my own. They came right over plus discovered that the issue was coming right from my refrigerant tank. The tank had completely leaked out plus went everywhere. In the time that I had went outside this had happened. The refrigerant is what helps the air turn cool to be distributed into my home through the air ducts plus out of the vents. What I felt coming out of my vents was hot air. There was no cool air at all. She had to replace the refrigerant tank since it was cracked. She also had to replace the refrigerant because it was all over the ground. Once that was finished I turned the system back on. I could feel the cool air plus all was calm in my condo again.

Geothermal heat pump