I couldn’t wait to get rid of the humidifier in my residing room to eliminate some of the clutter

I hate when my condo is clustered.

I hate when I come condo and there is stuff everywhere.

This would be due to my roommate. She is regularly leaving things everywhere. I love to have a spot for everything. The only thing I feel that does not have a spot in my condo is the humidifier. The humidifier was used while in the winter. I was having poor dry skin concerns. The humidifier wa helping to solve those concerns. It did this by putting moisture back into the air. My nice friend and I situated it in the residing room because that is where I tended to spend the most time. Well, I didn’t mind that it was there for awhile. I did though start to care. It was kind of in the way. It felt like it was kind of chunky. It also made some noise. It w not certainly ideal to have in the residing room. This is where I wanted it though. I was cheerful when Springtime came. The weather became much nicer. By nice I mean much warmer. The warmer weather makes my skin far less dry as in the winter. This is because as it gets warmer I do not need the furnace running in my house. The furnace is certainly what dried out the air. I finally got to turn it off and put it away. I put it someplace where I would not have to look at any more until next winter. It was nice to have one less piece of furniture you could say in the residing room. It was a large help to my skin however now that winter season is over, I do not need it.


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