No AC on the plane

Have you ever been on an airplane with no AC? This is truly inconvenient for everyone involved, however sitting on a plane is uncomfortable to begin with plus when you get a plane that doesn’t have air-conditioning it can make it even worse… The last time I flew, the plane I was on did not have AC.

There was moderate air blowing from the vents but no cold air was coming from the ceiling; I noticed this soon on, plus almost said something to the flight attendant. I didn’t want to bother her because I could tell she was also dripping with sweat. I was so aggravated that I was going to have to rest on a flight for three hours without AC, then at the end of the flight they offered us all flight Belchers because they knew that they put us on a plane without AC. This was incredibly inconvenient because I was on my Way to a job interview.I was so embarrassed when I got to the interview because I knew that I was sweaty. I had to Explain to the interviewer what happened on the airplane. I could not believe that they let us fly three hours without a C on an airplane. The following week I got an email from the airline saying that they were sorry for putting us on a flight with no AC plus they were aware of it the whole time. I’ll ask for a voucher for the inconvenience plus they approved the voucher. I told them that I would fly with them again because they did offer me a voucher. The worst part about that day was that I went to an interview for a job that I ended up not even wanting to take. The AC was the least of my worries.

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