Replacing a gas boiler with an electric boiler because of safety troubles

I never thought it would happen to me… You hear about other people tell their stories.

You hear about these stories on cable.

I personally never thought it would be me. I was panicked and I had no idea how to handle it. I just know that I ran out of the house. I grabbed my phone and ran. I called the fire department and told them I had a leak in my house. The carbon monoxide detector was going off. I told them where I lived. They showed up at my house really suddenly. I waited outside for them to show up. I knew they were going to show up suddenly anyway. They asked me how it set off. I told them the only thing I could think of was my gas boiler. I thought maybe it had broken down. I thought maybe it let a leak into my house. This was a frightening experience for me. I had a gas boiler installed because it was going to be cheaper for me. I do not make a ton of money. I regularly try to get cheaper things. I was willing to risk the boiler leaking gas into my house, but like I said I never thought it would happen. It is rare that this happens. I was entirely sad. Needless to say, after this experience I changed my boiler to an electric boiler. It was not time for the boiler to be replaced. I just never wanted to go through that experience again. Luckily I had a carbon monoxide detector. Now I pay more on energy bills for an electric boiler. I feel as though I pay for my own safety though.

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