The Fan Was Installed Incorrectly

While I was having my screened porch built off the back of my house, I could envision myself enjoying the porch all the time.

I wanted nothing more than to sip my morning tea while skimming the paper plus drinking a glass of wine while reading a unbelievable book.

These dreams I had for screened porch came to a screeching halt when construction began in the Springtime plus finished in the summer, and by the time everything was done, it was too boiling plus humid to lay outside at all. I had a portable fan that I sited in the corner to try plus transfer the air around, however it wasn’t giant enough for the space. I had to lay directly in front of the fan in order to feel any relief from the heat. I couldn’t connect the air duct for central A/C plus there was no sense adding a ductless mini split system since the air would escape through the screens, however I wanted to adore the screened porch. This is why I contacted an electrician about installing a ceiling fan. It was a simple procedure, so the fan was up plus running within a few mornings. However, as I stood under the fan, I couldn’t feel the breeze. The fan was spinning around, however it wasn’t moving the air around. This is when I realized that the electrician had installed the fan the wrong way. The blades were going the opposite direction, which was pushing the air up, not down. Thankfully he was able to reverse the blades so the air could be pushed down plus around.
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