Coming home from work to a house that is cold and uncomfortable

I don’t always do work in the same atmosphere.

Do you ever feel like doing work in the same place gets boring? It can start to make the work feel hard or stress you out.

it is not a good feeling by any means. I’ll go to different places to do work if they have wifi. It just makes the work feel easier too. It kind of feels like it makes your mind fresh. You think of different things and get different ideas. When I came home from working the other day I noticed my house was quite chilly. I did not feel the typical warm relief that I feel. It was so cold outside I was expecting my house to be so warm and comfortable. It was not that at all. I needed to figure out what was going on. My thermostat said that my house was really cold. The system was on but it did not seem to be running. I called and HVAC business hoping they could just give me some tips or ideas on what to do. I did not really get this. They said they would just send an HVAC technician. They did not want me to disturb the system anymore if it was really broken. Things like this should be left to professionals. The HVAC technician told me that the coils in the heat pump were dirty. They were not giving the air any warmth. That is why my house felt so cold. They just needed a little cleaning. There was also a small part that needed to be replaced. It was not broken yet, but it looked like it was going to break soon. After he came, I felt that warm relief in my house again.


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