My thoughtless hubby caused our Heating plus Air Conditioning system to shut down

My hubby plus his buddy are obsessed with baseball.

I often find it taxing to hang out with the both of them.

They are always talking about baseball. I have no idea how they could not run out of things to talk about. It seems like they talk about it all. I can’t contribute to any kind of conversation. I hang out plus do my own thing, and when my hubby’s buddy was over last yearto watch baseball, the air conditioner stopped working. They got really warm. When I had told them that the air conditioner wasn’t working they left me to figure it out… My hubby went to his friend’s household to watch the game. I was stuck in the household to figure out how to take care of this. I called our local Heating plus Air Conditioning business. It was the only thing I knew how to do. They said an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist would come to my household in a couple hours. I waited around all day. I did some household work as I usually did. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist finally arrived plus I was able to finally repair this problem. He looked at the system plus saw that the filters just needed to be cleaned. He had asked if my wonderful friend and I receive official tune ups. I told him I thought my wonderful friend and I did because my hubby tells me that he sets up the appointments. He told me it looked like my wonderful friend and I had not had one in a long time. The filters were completely obstructed plus prevented the system from pushing through any air. I know that official tune ups are important, but apparently my hubby does not.


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