Putting in new insulation to an older home

I knew that when I bought my dwelling it was an older home, then it was going to need a lot of work! Fortunately I had the currency and the time to put into the house.

I was entirely quite excited.

I got to make this house my own. I was not certainly sure what I was exactly getting myself into though. I knew I had a lot of toil ahead of me. I know there was more toil than I had thought; One of the biggest projects was redoing the insulation within my house. I had called an Heating & A/C business and told them about how the house had felt quite drafty, but they told me it could be some insulation concerns. They came to my house to inspect it. They put a small hole in the wall and noticed that the insulation was no longer benefitting the home. They would have to redo the whole thing. I made an appointment for this to happen. They would have to rip down the walls and put them back up, however unluckyly I needed to hire someone else to do that, at the end of the process I was able to redo the insulation. It took a few afternoons. They even went around the house. They used spray foam to look for little areas where air could be getting in or out. They found a few and covered them up. They were sure that the house would feel much better now. It was a messy process. It also took a long time to do. I had men in and out of my house for several afternoons.

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