Renovations needed

Are apartment needed some extreme renovations, not only did the carpet need to be torn up however our walls need to be painted plus my good friend and I needed to do something about our heating plus cooling system, and my pal and I would get our energy bill every month plus it seemed like for the past 3 months our energy bill was just outrageous.

  • My pal and I bought this apartment three months ago plus I thought that the energy bills were going to be a lot lower than they were.

My pal and I were completely wrong. My pal and I have been running our furnace every day for about 6 hours a day plus my good friend and I didn’t suppose that our heating bill was going to be $250! My pal and I wouldn’t run our furnace when my good friend and I were not apartment because my good friend and I didn’t want to waste energy. I decided to look more into this issue because there was really no way that I was going to pay that high of a bill again, so I called my heating plus cooling serviceman. My heating plus cooling serviceman came over plus commanded that my good friend and I install a mini split system in particular areas of our home. He said how the layout of our apartment is broken up into many unusual walls plus rooms, that my good friend and I should install a mini split system in our living rooms plus residing room. He said that this will allow us to completely turn off the thermostat in particular sections of our apartment if we’re not using it, saving us energy plus money. My hubby plus I went with his advice plus once my good friend and I got our energy bill, 2 months later my good friend and I saw a dramatic decrease in the cost. I highly request a mini split system to people who want to save money plus have homes that would benefit from it.

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