Replace the A/C

There’s so many old things in my apartment that I need replacing.

I live rent out my apartment plus my landlord just doesn’t seem like he has the time or money to replace them. I’m paying my landlord $1200 a month so I don’t see why he wouldn’t have the money. But there are times when I do have to worry about my landlord coming in plus doing repairs plus replaces to the house. I consistently have to make sure that my apartment is clean because I don’t want my landlord coming in plus seeing how dirty it can get plus I also have to hide my pet because no pets are allowed! Yesterday my good friend and I were starting to get in the Springtimetime plus where I live, once Springtime hits the weather starts to reach between 79 plus 85 degrees, then so I went to my thermostat plus I turned temperature down to 65 so the air conditioner could kick on. For the past two days I experienced no cool air coming from out of the air vents, however occasionally the air conditioner wouldn’t kick on plus then other times when I would hear something kick on however there was just hot air coming out of the air registers. I was honestly confused plus since I’m no heating or cooling serviceman, I decided to call my landlord to see if he could maintenance the issue. It turned out to be a honestly easy fix. Since the component is old there is a switch on the furnace that needed to be set to the season. For example it had to be set to cool so the thermostat could work with the air conditioner. I really wish that my landlord would have told me this so I wouldn’t have to bother him plus scramble around trying to clean my apartment hastily plus hide my cat.


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