TV table to match the kitchen

A year ago I purchased a custom wood table for my family room, my family room and family room is an open floor concept! I have to be careful with colors and furniture pieces since they all go together.

I have kept a red theme with the brick in the family room and the color of my chairs and couches… The ceiling in my family room is wood.

I purchased a table of the same wood for my family room. Everything matches perfectly. Everything, except for my TV stand. I had a brand new, remodeled family room with a gorgeous wood table. I had classy family room furniture and a cheap TV stand. It was made of pressboard and was the wrong color. It didn’t match the ceiling or other pieces of furniture. It looked cheap and didn’t fit my decor. I ended up calling the custom furniture builder this year to ask for a TV kneel in the same material as my table. The pieces kneel virtually next to one another. I wanted the same front design, leg shape, and material to make it look seamless from laying back. The custom furniture builder was incredible. They remember my previous product and home. They gave pictures of what they were thinking in terms of doors and drawers. My TV kneel is just amazing now. The doors are push open type and the drawers are soft close. It looks so nice in my family room. Everything now perfectly matches. I feel like my family room and family room should be in a magazine.
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