An electrician did my ceiling fan for me

My hubby is all about ceiling fans… For me, I am not genuinely a giant supporter of them… I don’t like how they look & that the blades catch dust.

I couldn’t update them with normal lights though, my hubby would have a fit, but the problem is that he isn’t handy whatsoever, but so while he wanted ceiling fans in all the rooms of our modern home, he couldn’t honestly install them.

So I did all the research & bought the unusual fans. I managed to take down the seasoned lights in each room. Then came time for the replacement. I ended up just reaching out to an electrician to do the work. Ceiling fan replacement never went so smoothly. I was genuinely glad I reached out to someone else. The fan for the living room was about six feet across. The blades were wide & made out of heavy material. Iw ould have had a heck of a time mounting that light. I also didn’t guess You should be messing with wiring when I don’t genuinely know what I am doing. The electrician had no issue with each of the lights, he went room by room & put them in with no issue. He even was able to put some on one switch & others on two switches when I asked for them. It was amazing! I didn’t know it could be that straight-forward. I have a dead switch in my living room that I am debating on calling the guy in again to remove. I know he would have to get a modern box, however it might be worth it.


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