An electrician did my ceiling fan set up work

My fiance is all about ceiling fans, then for me, I am not entirely a sizable supporter of them! I don’t like how they look and that the blades catch dust.

  • I could not replace them with normal lights though, my fiance would have a fit… The complication is that he isn’t handy whatsoever; So while he wanted ceiling fans in all the rooms of our new home, he could not actually install them.

So I did all the research and bought the strange fans. I managed to take down the old lights in each room. Then came time for the installation. I ended up just reaching out to an electrician to do the work, and ceiling fan installation never went so smoothly. I was entirely blissful I reached out to someone else. The fan for the home office was about six feet across. The blades were wide and made out of heavy material. Iw ould have had a heck of a time mounting that light. I also didn’t know You should be messing with wiring when I don’t entirely know what I am doing. The electrician had no issue with each of the lights. He went room by room and put them in with no issue. He even was able to put some on one switch and others on two switches when I asked for them. It was amazing! I didn’t know it could be that easy. I have a dead switch in my home office that I am debating on calling the guy in again to remove. I know he would have to get a new box, however it might be worth it.


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