Babysitting for a rich family

I have been babysitting for the same family since I was in high school.

I really love the kids, a ten year-old boy and a five-year old little girl.

I feel like they are my family because I have been with them before the little girl was even born. The family is very wealthy and they take really good care of me. They make sure I am well paid, they take me on every vacation and they always give me a bonus at the end of the year. I really couldn’t ask for a better gig and I will stay with them forever if they will let me. Since they have so much money they are always making improvements around their home. This month they are having radiant flooring installed in all the rooms of the house. I had no idea what radiant flooring is but Learned that it is a series of pipes that have hot water running through them. This hot water heats the floor and it is an alternative way to heat your home during the winter. Radiant flooring is very expensive to install but in the end it will help you save a ton of money on you energy bill at the end of the month. I called my local HVAC company to see how much it really cost to have radiant flooring installed and when they told me the number I laughed out loud, who knew it was so expensive! After that phone call I realized I would not be getting radiant flooring in my home any time soon.

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