Finding my place

I have worked for a lot of different business before and I have to say that I hope I never have to do it again.

I didn’t go to college so my options for getting a job when I graduated from high school were very slim.

I started to work in a restaurant and the hours were terrible. I tried to work in a clothing store and the managers were very mean. I even tried to work for a car wash company and the work was very demanding. After trying my hand at several jobs, I decided I would try to work for a local HVAC that was hiring. Right away I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was very helpful at showing me the ropes of the HVAC industry it was easy to pick up. I started to move up the latter at the HVAC company and my boss eventually asked me if I would be interested in opening up a second location and managing the store. I was thrilled that my boss that I had what it took to open up my own HVAC business. I said yes right away and I have been managing the second location for about six years now. I really could not imagine working for another company and I feel so lucky to have found my place in the HVAC industry. Maybe one day I will branch off and start my own heating and cooling company but for right now I could not be happier where I am.

a/c rep