Giving the receptionist my space heater

If there is one person in my office that deserves a space heater, it is the receptionist. She sits up front all day while the door opens as well as closes. In the winter season months, it can become overwhelmingly cold at the front desk where the receptionist works all day. Some people are nice toiling in a cold part however some people cherish to labor in a warmer environment, as an office administrator, I suppose it is important for employees to be comfortable while they are at work. Without people being comfortable at work, they are not going to be as productive. I am sure that when people are more comfortable at work, they are more likely to do their work. When I am cold in my office, all I can suppose about is being cold. I got the receptionist a space heater recently because I know how cold it can get up front. There is only one thermostat for the entire building as well as I know that the front desk can get really cold. The space heater is really necessary for the reception area. I was up there filling in for her last year while she was at an appointment as well as noticed just how cold it can be up front, but knowing the receptionist, I know that she would not have asked for a space heater for her workspace on her own. I am glad that she is toiling with us so I was glad to get her a space heater. She really seems to like the idea of keeping her space hot with the space heater.
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