Having a heating company can be a lot of work

My sister has always wanted to work for herself.

Ever since we were little girls she never wanted to do what anyone else said.

My parents used to be worried about her, but now that she is grown up, I think they are proud of her. She always talked about owning her own company one day and now she actually does. There has always been a need for a new HVAC company in our town. Since I can remember there has only been one HVAC company around here and they normally take forever to get any work done. I know this is because they are slammed with work, but you would think the HVAC company would hire more people to get the job done. So, my sister decided that she was going to open up her own HVAC company, not because she liked to work on HVAC units, but because she saw a need for one in our town. I knew that the minute she opened up her HVAC company that it would be a success. She is a hard worker and knows how to get a job done right. My parents thought that the HVAC company was a bad idea at first because she didn’t know the first thing about heating and cooling. However, my sisters HVAC company has been open for about seven months now and is already bringing in more business than any of us ever imagined. I hope that my sister has continued success because I wanted her to keep proving people wrong.
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