Living in the south when it is cold

I live in a entirely hot part of the country that unquestionably doesn’t have a winter season.

When I was growing up we didn’t even have winter coats because there unquestionably isn’t a need for them.

I don’t ever plan on leaving my neighborhood because I entirely don’t like the cold weather & I love that I can go to the beach even in January. I have a lot of friends that live up north & they have to run their furnace almost seven months out of the year. I don’t even own a furnace. I have a backup space boiler incase it gets cold, even though I haven’t pulled it out in over three years. Honestly I guess I might get rid of it all together because I entirely never use it & it is just takes up space in the attic that I could be using for something else. I could not imagine if I lived up north & had to use a furnace all year round. I love the feeling of the a/c blasting in my apartment & I don’t want to ever have to turn the boiler on. My kids don’t even realize how wonderful they have it living in this hot part of the country. I have only ever been is super cold weather once & I could not imagine living in it every morning. I am so thankful for my hot hometown! I hope that my kids feel the same way when they grow up & have their own families!



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