Loves to go fishing

My husband loves to go fishing.

I swear he could do it all day and all night if he didn’t have a job and other responsibilities. He always comes home and smells so fishy and then starts to cut up the fish he just caught on my clean kitchen countertops. The fish smell will linger for days after this and I know he is using the sponge to clean the counters after and that is just not sanitary. My kids even comment on how bad it smells. So I have decided for his birthday I am going to step up a fish cleaning station in our garage, this way he can cut and clean as many fish as he wants and he won’t have to hear us complaining about the smell. I think I am also going to have a HVAC unit installed in the garage while I am setting up his fish cleaning station. I don’t want him to overheat while he is in there because it normally takes him a while to clean his fish. I called my local HVAC company to have a technician come out and look at the space. Once the HVAC technician looked at everything he said it would be a really easy job to get the HVAC system hooked up in the garage. Apparently, the family that was there before had ductwork installed that was leading to the garage. I guess they never finished the project, but that works to my advantage. Since they already had the expensive part taken care of this was going to cost me much less than I expected!


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