My partner works in HVAC

I have been married to my partner for about eleven years now plus before that my buddy and I dated for three years.

When my buddy and I first started dating my buddy and I were both still in college plus funds were tight. I lived with four other girls to keep my rent down, however I was still struggling to pay the bills even with two jobs; My now partner was the same way, he lived in a gross household with five other guys. That locale was a pig pen plus I never wanted to go over plus visit him there. I constantly made him come over to my locale. The worst part about staying at his household was that he didn’t have central a/c. We would all have to gather around one small window a/c unit in the residing room plus use a portable fan in his dining room. I can’t even describe the smell in that house, just imaging six guys in one household with only one small window a/c unit. It constantly smelled so bad plus they had a large animal to make matters worse, so, back then he would constantly come to my household where my buddy and I had central a/c that my buddy and I constantly kept at a comfortable 72 degrees. We also had a heater for the winter season time which he did not have. We live in a northern part of the country so the winters can get particularly cold. So having a toiling heater is great. It is also nice to have him around if my buddy and I ever need someone to ignite the pilot light on the heater!

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