Office is warm in the evenings

One thing that I like about my office is that it is small and cozy.

I have never been one for a big office with too much space to fill.

The smaller the space, the less clutter people will accumulate. I like the size of my office, however, in the afternoons, the sun makes the small space very warm. Usually, around 3 pm, my office warms up to about 80 degrees. It is difficult to regulate the temperature in my office because of the size. Sometimes, I like to turn the AC down low in the afternoons just to cool down my office. This isn’t always acceptable because there are a lot of other people in my office. I have to think about the others in my office. When I have to bring people into my office, they always comment on the temperature. I have a small desk fan that seems to work, but it doesn’t cook my office down enough. On really sunny days, I usually have to open my door to get some of the cool air in the hallway to circulate in my office. Without the fan and the AC in the hallway, my office would be much too warm to handle in the summer months. In the winter months, I have the opposite problem and need to have a space heater on in my office at all times. The heater doesn’t get warm enough to warm the small space that is my office.

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