Small office is too cold

Periodically when I get to work early, I like to secretly turn the A/C off.

I know this isn’t enjoyed by my coworkers, however my office is easily small and gets easily cold in the days, then people with larger offices don’t have this problem.

Their offices are regulated officially and they do not need to bring sweaters and space furnaces to work in the middle of the summer. When I get to work early, I always turn the A/C off completely. This afternoon, I was the first guy there, but before I took luck of having the pop unit to myself, and the quietness of the office, I went to the temperature control and adjusted the temperature to my likings. I forget that there’s other people in the office because for a long time it was only me in the office. I am cheerful that my associate and I have people back in the office now, however that does mean a lot more people who want to control the AC. When I got to work, I adjusted the A/C to my liking. It was legitimately comfortable in my office until around 9 am when the others came in. Of course, the boy next to me is always cold so he was cheerful with me turning the A/C off for an hour… She is just like me as he is always cold. The A/C was turned down and my office was 68 degrees by 10 am.
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