Smells and baking

My favorite smell is apple cinnamon.

I swear I buy every candle, pastier and air freshener that I can find that smells like apple cinnamon.

I think that my husband is starting to get annoyed with me that our house always smells like fresh baked goods, but it is normally just a candle. I do sometimes like to bake an apple pie or a cinnamon tart however that is not the norm. Last week, I decided that I was going to surprise my husband with an apple pie when he got home from work. On the rare chance that I do bake, I always make sure that I have all the windows closed and the HVAC system turned off. I know that might sound extreme to have the HVAC system turned off, but I think it makes the house smell more like what I am baking when I am able to have the HVAC system turned off. When my husband walked into the house that afternoon, he was shocked at the smell and how warm the house was. I knew that he wasn’t going to be happy with me because I turned off the HVAC system, but I think the apple pie will make up for it. Thankfully I was right about that because once he saw the apple pie, he angered went away and he was so happy with me. Maybe I should start baking more often to surprise my husband!
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