Space furnace for my office

One of the best parts about working in my office in the winter is the space furnace under my desk; Everyone complains about the lack of heating in the building, however with my space heater, I can hardly tell a difference… The space furnace has many settings and fits nicely under my desk, but i always make sure to turn it off in the days before I leave.

The nice thing about the space furnace is that it has an automatic shut off feature. If it is on for over 3 hours, it turns itself off. This is so that people do not fall asleep with their space furnaces on and forget to turn them off. One of the best parts about the space furnace is that I can have it on all day while the front door is opening and closing. The winter air comes in, however I stay warm with the space furnace under my desk. I like the option to have the space furnace in the summer time months, as well. The office gets cold in the summer time because the A/C stays on constantly. I am sure that the space furnace will be used year round. I am easily cheerful that I asked for it a few years ago, otherwise I would have suffered through many cold winters and would have not been able to concentrate, many of my coworkers have ordered space heaters, as well; With the lack of control of the heating and cooling system, my associate and I never know what will happen.

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