Sports plus heat

I cherish to play interests, I always have actually, but when I was a child I was on every interests team I could be on from cross country to gymnastics.

It was a fun way to get to know people plus make lasting friendships, and the only bad part about playing interests was practicing outside in the Summer heat.

I live in a southern part of the country so the Summer is brutal plus the temperature can get to over one hundred degrees undoubtedly quickly. Running around plus exercising in that heat is entirely tough, one of the hottest nights I can remember was when my buddy and I were supposed to run our annually ten mile run; My friend and I normally try plus run on a shady path, however this time our coach wanted to try a new path. It was right along the highway plus it was awful. One of my friends even passed out from heat exhaustion however our coach made us keep going. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of the chilly air conditioner in the gym when my buddy and I returned. I just wanted to stand underneath the air conditioner vent plus let the cool air blow on me. However, when my buddy and I arrived back at the gym, I knew the thought of air conditioner was only a dream. There was an Heating and A/C business truck outside of the school plus the principal was outside talking to the Heating and A/C business! Apparently, the air conditioner in the gym had stopped working plus they were trying to get it fixed before school started in the day!

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