Starting over

My husbandy was recently offered a crucial promotion at his company.

I was so excited for his but with the promotion came a location change.

If he took the position that would mean my friend and I would have to leave our lives in our section behind and beginning over; For some people that might sound like an exciting change. However, I have been toiling for several years on my heating and cooling company and I don’t feel like just throwing all that difficult work away. I know what it is like starting a Heating and Air Conditioning company in a up-to-date town where you don’t know anyone and you don’t have any customer reviews to give you any clout. I have spoken with my husbandy about my problems and he told me that shouldn’t take the position if I honestly didn’t want his to. How could I honestly ask my hardtoiling husbandy to give up his dream task for my Heating and Air Conditioning business. I am just going to make it work in a up-to-date town and hopefully I will be able to make my up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning company just as successful as the last one. I am going to work twice as difficult and make the up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning company even better than the last. I know that it can work, so my friend and I are going to make it work. I am so excited for my husbandy and I can’t wait for our up-to-date adventure together.


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